Angel Room (1 year olds)


What We Will Accomplish

  • Say ”Please” and “Thank You”.
  • Identify our own name when spoken to, plus other children’s names.
  • Identify different parts of our bodies such as eyes, ears and mouth.
  • Begin to run and hop.
  • Build our vocabulary, combine words into phrases.
  • Begin to dress ourselves with assistance – coat, shoes, hat.
  • Begin to drink from a paper cup.
  • Color with a crayon or marker.
  • Listen to stories.
  • Sing and dance.


Our Development



We continually promote language development by naming objects, actions, people, places — just about anything. The children are encouraged to express themselves verbally in addition to pointing or motioning.

Fine Motor

We continue to work on hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity through games, coloring and dressing ourselves.

Gross Motor

We promote gross motor development by climbing the indoor and outdoor play structures. Hopping and jumping during our daily walks (given appropriate weather) is important too.

Daily Schedule

Our schedule becomes a bit more structured as 1 year olds thrive on the consistency of routines which make them feel safe and secure.