Busy Bee Room (2 year olds)


What We Will Accomplish

  • Eat during snack and lunch with less mess.
  • Potty training (when we are ready).
  • Communicate with words.
  • Develop manual dexterity.
  • Continue to develop large motor skills.
  • Identify more familiar people, places and things.
  • Practice good manners and hygiene.
  • Begin sharing and cooperating with each other.
  • Use our own name and the names of others.
  • Dress ourselves – socks, shoes, jacket.
  • Show empathy for others.
  • Begin problem solving.


Our Development


Language Development

Children learn to express thoughts and concepts through language, verbal exercises and songs. Numbers are also taught through songs, counting objects in the room and fun activities during our circle time.

Gross Motor Development

Children need large motor play both indoors and outdoors to develop healthy bodies. We get outside as much as weather permits and during inclement weather, you can find us riding scooter boards in Fellowship Hall.

Fine Motor Development

Hand/ eye coordination and finger dexterity are continued at this level. Some of the activities we use are painting, coloring, gluing, puzzles and play dough.

Social Development

Two year old children enjoy doing activities with other children and their teachers. Children are taught to respect the needs of the others by keeping their hands to themselves, using kind words, and respecting the toys and equipment.