Butterfly Room (4 year olds)


What We Will Accomplish

  • Learn to draw
  • Practice following directions
  • Write our names and other simple words (if we are ready)
  • Know our alphabet and our numbers
  • Be well versed in classroom etiquette
  • Begin to recognize sounds and words (pre-reading)
  • Understand and use various learning centers in our classroom and building with Legos.
  • Good social behavior during snack & lunch


Our Development



We continue to encourage language development through preschool lessons and reading books & poems. We do “finger plays” and flannel board stories during circle time.

Gross Motor

Outside activities include lots of playground time, weather permitting. We also play games like “Red Light, Green Light”, kick ball and we ride scooter boards inside Fellowship Hall when it’s cold outside.

Fine Motor

We do the following types of activities to encourage fine motor development: writing our names, words and numbers, lacing beads, coloring and drawing, doing puzzles and building with legos.


We talk to each other during lunch, using our manners (“please” and “thank you”). We talk to our friends during free play and interact with each other during our activities. During Circle Time, we share and discuss our experiences and emotions. Strengthening your child’s positive self-image is one of our most important goals.