Dreamland Room (9 months to 15 months)


What We Will Accomplish

  • Walk on our own.
  • Eat finger food on our own/Introduce a fork and spoon/Drink from a sippy cup.
  • Bingo dab and paint and begin to color with crayons and markers.
  • Learn finger plays and dance with music.
  • Listen to stories/”Read” books.
  • Transition from our crib to a sleeping bag.
  • Walk in a group.
  • Ride toys, climb ladders and slide on the climbers in the playroom.
  • Sit in a chair during snack and lunch time.
  • Roll and throw balls.
  • Transition from two daily naps to only an afternoon nap.


Our Development



We help the children learn language through my daily interaction with them. We incorporate singing, rhyming, and naming objects and our actions.

Fine Motor

We encourage various types of play to develop hand-eye coordination like: putting objects inside containers, stacking different sized blocks and pushing buttons to make noises.

Gross Motor

Together, the children and teachers play on the foam shaped cushions. We also climb and go down the pint-sized slides in the activity room.


We dance with the children while they hold each other’s hands. We also show them how to build towers with each other, encouraging interaction.