Pooh Bear Room (3 year olds)


What We Will Accomplish

  • Eat appropriately during snack and lunch.
  • Practice good manners and hygiene.
  • Show concern for others.
  • Show or display gratitude.
  • Learn how to share and cooperate.
  • Continue learning to count, identify shapes, colors & some alphabet letters.
  • Begin using safety scissors.
  • Identify more familiar people, places and things.
  • Dress ourselves unaided – especially winter clothing and boots.
  • Continue refining our problem solving skills.
  • Potty training (when they show they are ready).


Our Development



We encourage the children to use their words in dealing with others during play. We read books and talk about new words. We discuss letters and their sounds and we also incorporate activities in our lesson plans that focus on language development.

Gross Motor

We have outdoor play at least once per day, weather permitting. When indoors, we play games like “Duck, Duck, Goose”, parachute and have relay races.

Fine Motor

We continue to work on hand/ eye coordination and finger dexterity by stringing beads, painting with small brushes and cutting paper with safety scissors.


We focus on teaching the value of “respect”, such as listening to each other speak during Circle Time. Also, we practice problem solving by approaching an issue with our minds versus crying. We also encourage the children to show empathy when someone is sad and to help each other out when help is needed.