Teddy Bear Room (6 weeks to 9 months)


What We Will Accomplish

  • Crawl, walk by holding onto furniture or beginning to take our own steps.
  • Hold bottles/sippy cups by ourselves.
  • Eat finger foods such as cheese, crackers and Cheerios by ourselves.
  • Know our own name.
  • Sit up by ourselves.
  • Explore our environment.
  • Begin to develop language.
  • Hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity.
  • Develop social interaction skills with adults and children


Our Development



We help the children learn language through our interaction with them during diapering, feeding time, and play time. The children learn to feel trust and confidence towards us with the soothing tone of our voices.

Fine Motor

The development of hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity are important at this age level. Crawling, use of toys, teacher interaction and the introduction of finger foods in the later months all contribute towards this aspect of growth.

Gross Motor

During this wonderful time of change and growth, your child needs to be exposed to large motor play. We have a wonderful “play” area in the room where your child will begin to explore the environment.

Daily Schedule

The Teddy Bear Room has a flexible schedule according to your child’s needs. We change diapers every two hours unless needed more often. And, we go for walks outdoors when weather permits.